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Apex Client Update 09/04/2020


It may not have even been three weeks since the Prime Ministers initial address, but I am sure for many it will seem to have been much longer! Whether you are in work or not, or even working from home, these are certainly strange times which none of us could have foreseen.

Apex have been able to continue to work, at some locations, following the most up to date guidance and recommendations. This has only been possible with the co-operation of not only our staff, but those clients who have taken all the steps required to ensure that sites remain as safe as possible – so thank you to you all.

With the information coming out most recently, BuildUK and the CLC are looking to ensure that as many sites can return to work as soon as possible. Apex are helping the NASC to produce an in-depth Operating Procedure guidance note, which will help us to achieve a safe working environment for all who are continuing to work.

The Apex office is still open, and although slightly short staffed we are continuing to deal with the accounts and estimating queries which are coming in, as well as fulfilling our duties to inspecting the scaffolds which are standing. 19 Scaffolders are currently working in a staggered shift pattern, so that we can continue to provide the service to the sites which are remaining open.

If you think you are likely to need scaffolders on your site, please let us know your programme ASAP. Our first furlough period ends on 20/4/2020 and if we extend this, we might not be able to return to your site until 04/05/2020.

All our usual contact details remain the same, and we will be delighted to speak to you!

Keep looking after yourself and those around you, and we will see you soon.


Apex Scaffolding