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Apex scaffolding have always been proud of their record in trying to be at the forefront when it comes to Health and Safety matters. For the past few years, we have been sporadically using tool tethers when working at height. This has been either by risk assessment, when working above busy areas, or as and when requested by the Main Contractors. As our business evolves and moves forward, now not only most of our work now for these Tier 1 Clients, but our sites are even more high profile and in the public areas which are most high risk.

Last week, we had an incident where one of our operatives had removed their tool tethers, due to it not being a requirement of the main contractor. Then when he returned onto a site where the tethers were required, they were in his locker. We have learned from this experience and decided to invest in the H&S of all around us, not just our employees.

Therefore from 22/06/2020, Apex Scaffolding are introducing mandatory tool tethering, for all our operatives and across all our sites. During the next four days, everyone our CISRS Scaffolders and trainees will be issued with a complete set of tethers as per the photo below. Therefore, whenever they are working at height – even if there is no risk to the public below – they will have their tools attached to their belts.

We will also be purchasing tethers to fit to all our hand-held plant, which are stored centrally and issued as required. These tethers will be kept with the item, rather than being issued to an individual. Also, we have purchased 4-point chin straps, to be fitted to all our issued hard hats.

As well as this, we will continue to utilise the mini catch fans. Situated just underneath the working lift, these provide collective protection for any tools or materials from falling outside the line of the scaffold


Apex have chosen to use Never Let Go,  to supply their tethers. Each item has a serial number, which will mean it can be issued to an individual or piece of kit. It will then fall under our statutory inspection regime, along with the step-up brackets and harnesses.


This information was passed on to our all of our unfurloughed workers via an NASC Toolbox Talk  in an outdoor briefing on 16/06/2020. It is hoped that they will adopt it with good grace, as they have done all the other innovations which have raised the level of health and safety culture within Apex.