Working safely during COVID-19 

Following on from the first tool box talk, given by Apex Scaffolding to our operatives on 17/03/2020, we have been able to continually evolve how we were working in response to the rapidly changing COVID-19 situation.

Following on from the Prime Ministers address on 24/03/2020, and the quick turn around of many of our clients choosing to close their sites, we continued to provide a service to those who required it, and were able to take advantage of the Job Retention Scheme for everyone who was eligible.

Since then Apex have been working hard on working with both the NASC to help produce their Standard Operating Procedures for Scaffolding (and the associated Tool Box Talk) as well as working with Exeter City Council to help bring construction back to the region as a whole, in as safe a manner as possible.

As the lock down starts to lift, and the construction industry is actively encouraged to go back to work, the Working Safely During COVID-19 Guidance was published.

The Directors have been through this document, and they are confident in saying that all of the measures, procedures and PPE which we are supplying will allow us to sign the COVID-19 Secure in 2020 declaration. These measures were informed to the scaffolders in a tool box talk, this morning 13/05/2020.

We will continue to monitor any changes to this, and will update our own documents and procedures as required. This will give our workforce the confidence to either continue to operate, or return to our sites – as the work load returns to it normal level.