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Deep Water Soloing Comes to Exeter in style...

29 August 2014

This weekend, Exeter will play host to the UKs first artificial Deep Water Solo Climbing Competition.  The event will bring the elite of the international climbing community to the city to participate in one of the fastest growing and most visually exciting areas of the sport

The competition wall has been erected in the city’s canal basin down at the Quay. It will enable climbers to “free-climb” the face of the structure along pre-set routes against each other with varying degrees of difficulty until ultimately one is first at the top or fall off into the water.

The scaffold framework is built on a heavy duty steel pontoon and counter-balanced by nearly 9 tonnes of Kentledge. A large cantilever projects out at the front face to which a custom built climbing wall is fixed to.

Critical angles had to be achieved with the support framework to ensure a seamless join on the climbing wall panels as any gaps could provide added foot/finger holds.

The structure is secured in place using wire bonds and tirfor winches to combat the fluctuating wind loading and unbalance from falling competitors.

With huge media interest and the weather hopefully being kind it looks like the event is set to become a major event in the city’s cultural calendar.

Apex Scaffolding are pleased to be involved with this unique event and good luck to all taking part.