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25 July 2014

While there has been rightly intense media coverage over the hole in the Dawlish sea wall below Riviera Terrace, the actual damage caused to the railway and associated infrastructure during the February storms was far more serious and extends along the coastal line for 3.7miles from Langstone Rock in the east to the skew bridge at Teignmouth in the west

Apex Scaffolding are providing the access to enable the main contractor Dyer and Butler to rebuild the sea wall defences between Teignmouth and Dawlish.

Just getting the materials to site has provided an interesting problem as the work area is 1 mile of the nearest vehicular access point, this has been overcome be loading all materials onto a large rail trolley which is then pulled to site. The site itself contains many challenges, namely that the whole scaffold is not only erected off an ever changing sandy beach but also submerged daily with the sea at high tides.

The use of normal wooden scaffold boards would result in substantial uplift by their own buoyancy and possible displacement. This is why “Haki” steel boards are the preferred materials to be used.

Let’s all hope for fair weather and calm seas……….……..!!!!!