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Reluctant Retirement

27 June 2014

It is with mixed feelings that Sarah Hogg retires from daily life at Apex Scaffolding after nearly 30 years involvement in the business.

Her career in scaffolding began in the late 70’s when her younger daughter went to playschool and she was looking for a part time job to fill her days.

Initially she was involved in carrying out secretarial duties for its then proprietor Dennis Greenall but she quickly progressed through hard work and a love for the cut and thrust of the scaffolding industry to a level where she was running the business.

Her competence was clearly not in doubt as Mr Greenall felt confident enough to leave the company in her care while he followed other pursuits for two years.

In 1991 Sarah and her partner Alan bought the company and the rest as they say, is history.

In the 23 years since then there have been highs (literally) and lows.

  • Our first major project – TESCO’s at Digby

  • Our first tower block in Plymouth – Phoenix House

  • Goonhilly Downs, Radio Telescopies in Cornwall

  • More recently, jobs like John Lewis, Exeter Cathedral and Westminster Abbey

Other high points were the appointment of Terry Coleridge, the purchase of our first multi-lift lorry and joining the NASC. We had definitely moved into the big league.

During these years, Sarah has never lost sight of the fact that the company’s success has been under-pinned by a loyal and dedicated team both on the tools and in the office.

Many have come and gone over the years but she would be the first to recognise that the success of the business owes a huge debt to this team.

In her time at Apex, the company endured 3 recessions and her business acumen and her belief has ensured that we have come out the other side each time as a stronger company.

As to the future of the company she is leaving it in good hands. Matt Cousins and Mike Wimms have been appointed as directors, Glenn Haines has joined the office team as a supervisor and Katie Marsh will be taking over Sarah’s day to day administrative duties. They along with the rest of the team –        Adam Bussell, Paul Shoesmith, Judy Robins and Alan Hogg will miss her cheery disposition and positive attitude more than she realises.

As for Sarah’s future she will remain as a director of the company for the foreseeable future and will no doubt pop in to keep us on the straight and narrow. However she is looking forward to spending more time with her daughters and grandchildren as well as spending even more time in the garden.


Sarah Hogg  - Apex wishes you a long and happy retirement!