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Emergency Response to Fire Damage

10 October 2016

Emergency Response to Fire Damage

This summer Apex Scaffolding have been called on to respond to two major fire damage contracts at short notice.

We have the capability to swiftly mobilise multiple gangs in a highly organised manner. Drawings and calculations are quickly obtained in order to erect specialised scaffolds.

For example: Richer Sounds in Exeter. Fire ripped through this popular electrical store leaving the shop front unstable. Scaffolding was erected quickly to stabilise the affected area so that work could proceed to repair by Kingston Builders. Also after a self-combusting chemical fire destroyed storage containers at an AD plant near Westpoint. When the temperature was deemed safe and the risk of re-igniting had subsided a temporary roof was erected at speed using our Haki roofing system to give weather protection due to moisture causing the material to combust.